USA Today Profiles CEO Who 'Stands Up to Protestors'

Dan Vasella of Novartis Pharmaceuticals shares tips on confronting the opposition.

USA Today Defines Sycophantic Media in Front Page Homage to Obamas

"President Obama may not have delivered on all the policy changes he promised since his election a year ago, but he and his family have brought dramatic social change to the nation's capital and ...

USA Today Columnist: Limbaugh Makes 'People More Comfortable with Their Prejudices'

Add USA Today to the list of media outlets smearing Rush Limbaugh as a racist to support their opposition to Limbaugh becoming an NFL team owner. In a column featured in Monday's Sports section, ...

USA Today on Obama's Book List: 'Smart' Choices Display His 'Exquisite Taste'

USA Today reporter Richard Wolf's Tuesday news story on President Barack Obama's vacation book reading list flattered Obama for his "smart" and "exquisite" choice in the five books the White House ...

Cap and Trade Nowhere in USA Today

Newspaper skips 'largest tax increase in history' for wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage.

'Nightly News' Praises 'Hope,' Jobs 'Saved or Created' by Stimulus

NBC correspondent Lisa Myers touts how $8.5-million stimulus 'bridge-to-the-middle-of-nowhere' save a Missouri community.

Dire Couric Cites Great Depression, Kids Will Be 'Lost Generation'

Katie Couric sees America through a very dark prism. On Monday, she launched a new "Children of the Recession" series, in collaboration with USA Today, with an op-ed in "the nation's newspaper" in ...

Media Latch on to Swine Flu 'Pandemic'

National news goes hog wild with influenza stories but barely discusses Bush preparations; need for border security.

Sebelius' Controversial Veto takes Back Seat to Stories about Bo Obama

Broadcast news, major papers barely mention Obama nominee's protection of late-term abortion procedures.

Obama Names Abortion Extremist to HHS; Media Silent

Media ignore Sebelius' record, ties to notorious abortionist.
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