CBS Continues to Defend Obama Vacation Time With Bush Comparison

Following a report on Saturday's CBS Evening News, in which White House correspondent Chip Reid defended President Obama's Maine vacation with a comparison to President Bush's vacation time, ...

CBS Touts Grayson's Push for Legally Mandated Paid Vacation, Looks to Europe for Guidance

On CBS's Sunday Morning show, correspondent Jim Axelrod filed a report touting the movement to make it legally required that some employers provide paid vacation time to their employees, even ...

The End of Obama's Summertime Blues

President looks back unhappily on how he spent his vacation.

Times Makes Obama's Hawaiian Vacation a True Day at the Beach

Even while the candidate's on vacation, the Obama camp gets more and better coverage than does John McCain.

MSNBC Host Charges Airlines with Nickel-and-Diming Travelers

Tamron Hall reviews customer dissatisfaction, leaves out high cost of jet fuel.

CNN: Americans 'work more than medieval peasants'

'In the Money' show reporter complains employees don't get enough time off.

Government-Sponsored Enron

Billion-Dollar Scandal Not Ready for Prime Time

Bush Takes a Vacation

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