Medal of Dishonor

EA Games plans to release its new version of the war video game "Medal of Honor" set in modern-day Afghanistan...allowing kids to play Taliban fighters and kill U.S. troops.

Double Standards on Playing Video Game Villains? Taliban OK, German Soldiers No

Times video game reviewer Seth Schiesel claimed criticism of a game enabling one to play a Talbian fighter against U.S. troops was based on a misunderstanding of what video games are. But how did ...

Nickelodeon Game Site Lets Kids Play at Trying to Look Up Skirts of 'Naughty' Cartoon Teachers

Network makes games titled 'Perry the Perv' and 'Booty Rider' accessible to young children.

NYT Editorial Page: First Amendment Protects Violent Video Games, Not Political Speech

The Times favors free expression in video games: "The Constitution, however, does not require speech to be ideal for it to be protected." But not in speech on issues of the day: "Congress must act ...

Rape Games?

Japanese video-game manufacturers have made sick video games centered on raping girls and women. Rape is not an option on the menu; rape is the entire point of the game.

UK Politician Urges Video Game Manufacturers to Include Global Warming Message

Former chair of Parliament climate change committee recommends climate-themed games to educate 'people about the impact of prolonged changes to our climate.'

The Toxic Tube Made Them Do It

Kids spend more time with media than they do anything else, except sleep. Why are we surprised it impacts their behavior?

Sexy TV Shows, Violent Video Games Linked to Teen Sex, Aggression

Two studies published by Pediatrics find that sexy TV shows are associated with higher teen pregnancy rates, and violent video games with increased hostility in children.

Obama Video Game Ads Contradict Early Rhetoric

Media ignore Democrat's flip: from telling Americans to put 'video games away' to advertising in 18 games.

What They Like

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