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Movies Celebrate Occupy Wall Street as Anarchists and Thieves Target Businesses

From one man’s ‘Assault on Wall Street,’ to eco-anarchists, to illusionists robbing banks, anti-business ideals live on ... screen.
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Still Shooting It Up On TV

Nothing could be sillier than the notion that Hollywood's "fulfilled a promise" to solve our society's violence problem. They had a phony-baloney meeting with Joe Biden and made phony-baloney ...
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USA Today Hypes Anti-Gun Study by Lefty Advocacy Group on Front Page

New study by Soros-linked Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation claims ‘gun violence’ costs $12 billion every year.
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Tilting the Newtown 'Conversation'

Ours is a society imploding under an avalanche of violent video games, music, TV, and movies. Surely, a serious “national conversation’ should go there -- but not on the TV network news.
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Soros Crony Jeffrey Sachs Predictably Politicizes Tragedy

In wake of Sandy Hook shootings, Sachs argues U.S. should ‘adopt gun control laws’ like Australia.
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Oscars Splash In The Sewer

The Oscar-show producers named "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane the host of the Academy Awards. MacFarlane used to be the highest-paid sleazeball in TV. Now he is the King of Hollywood.
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Media Repeatedly Ignores Violent Attacks Against Pro-Lifers

Networks silent on harassment of conservatives, instead devote coverage to Tom Cruise’s divorce.

Editorial Cheerleads for 'Inspiring' OWS, Dismisses Violence as 'Fringe'

"The Occupy Wall Street protest continues to inspire demonstrators across the nation and beyond....Headlines lately have focused on two nights of sporadic violence in Oakland, Calif., marked by ...

Laughs Ahoy for NYT's OWS-Comedy Coverage: Sometimes 'You Need a Little Knife in the Gut'

Corey Kilgannon relays some "jokes" from an Occupy Wall Street comedy night. Imagine the Times' reaction if it had been a Tea Party gathering. "'You need a little knife in the gut once in a ...

Times Almost Ignores Anti-Cop Violence at Occupy Oakland

The Times virtually ignores anti-cop violence at the Occupy Oakland encampment, in favor of a sympathetic story on a veteran injured at the protest: "For supporters of the Occupy Wall Street ...
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