Matthews Perverts Tea Party Movement: Participants View Federal Government as British Occupiers

In preview of his upcoming 'New Right' special, 'Hardball' host ignores movement's fiscal discipline aspect, plays up imaginary violence.

CBS's Schieffer Grills GOP Pols on Violence; Asks DNC Chair About 'Safety' of Dems

Host Bob Schieffer led Sunday's Face the Nation by fretting over opposition to the passage of ObamaCare: "What about the violence in the wake of the congressional action? Isolated incidents or ...

The Media's Public Enemy No. 1: Critics of ObamaCare (Video Compilation)

Since the passage of ObamaCare on March 21, the liberal media have been working hard to crack down on dissidents, painting the tea party movement, talk radio, and Republicans as dangerous radicals ...

Washington Post Ties Iowa Protester to Violence, Even Though He Wasn't

Eli Saslow follows health care protester, links tea party and conservative protests to violence.

Times 'Ethicist' Tackles 'Radio Blowhards' and 'Tea Party Crackpots'

Times "Ethicist" columnist Randy Cohen attacks conservatives: "...even in an era when radio blowhards fulminate and Tea Party crackpots threaten violence against their political foes, it is ...

TV's Increasing Female Body Count

A new study shows CBS, NBC, and Fox (but not ABC) all green-lighted a significant increase in the incidents and degree of violence against women.

Television Violence, Real-Life Consequences

New PTC study finds increased depictions of violence against on women on primetime programs.

'Today' Leaves Out the Violence of New Tarantino Film

'Inglorious Basterds' emphasizes a blood-spattered trailer, but Curry interview only hints at gore.

Profane and Sexual Album Gets Grammy Nod

All but one song on Lil Wayne's top-selling album contain questionable content.

Castration: The Next TV Frontier

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