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NPR Boosts NAACP and ACLU's Activism After Court 'Gutted' Voting Rights Act

Carrie Johnson's Monday report on NPR's Morning Edition could have been mistaken as an informercial for the left-of-center ACLU and the NAACP's efforts to help "protect minority voting rights," ...
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MSNBC's Schultz Charges Conservatives Want to 'Keep a Minority Down'

On Saturday's The Ed Show on MSNBC, as host Ed Schultz ranted about the Supreme Court decision on the 1965 Voting Rights Act, he asserted that "keep[ing] a minority down" was one of the few things ...
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MRC Study: CNN Handed Airwaves to Liberals After Supreme Court Decisions

CNN really showed its bias in reacting to two very different Supreme Court decisions this week. On Tuesday, the Court struck down a portion of the 1965 Voting Rights Act; in the hours that ...
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NBC's Brian Williams: Supreme Court 'Drove a Stake Through the Heart' of Voting Rights Law

NBC and ABC journalists on Tuesday lamented a Supreme Court decision to strike down a key section of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional. But it was Nightly News anchor Brian Williams who ...
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NBC's Todd Frets Congress Not 'Mature Enough' to Revamp Voting Rights Act

Appearing on MSNBC moments after the Supreme Court handed down its decision on the Voting Rights Act, NBC News chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd wrung his hands over the prospect of ...
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Lefty Paranoia: Alternet Calls Supreme Court Justices ‘Neo-Confederates’

Moonbat lefty site frets Scalia and co. are ‘gearing up to restore white rule over America.’  
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