Fox Biz 'Happy Hour' Co-Host: 'AIG Bailout Funds Terrorism'

Cody Willard claims if your representatives voted for bailouts or stimulus, 'they're directly responsible for redistributing your money to al-Qaida.'

Dear WSJ: Market is Risk Regulator

Systemic risks are small when the market is free, voluntary and open to competition.

Dear WSJ: Morici is Wrong on Trade Deficit

Worries about China/U.S. trade is 'unwarranted.'

Dear WSJ: No More New Deal Ideas

Like other New Deal plans, subsidizing mortgages will only encourage folly.

Dear WSJ: Armey's Right

Keynes' impatience led to economic confusion and poor discipline.

Econ 101: That Old-Time Keynesian Theory

Nobel winner Krugman advocates consumption approach, but other prize winners disagree.

Dear WSJ: Rent-seeking Diverts Resources

Problem of government handouts is more than money, it pulls producers away from their products making them inefficient.

Dear WSJ: Account Imbalances Didn't 'Cause' Recession

Real factors like monetary or fiscal policies are to blame.

Dear WSJ: Obama Calls for Responsibility, While Acting Irresponsibly

'No one can spend $1.5 billion of other people's money responsibly.'

Murdoch Purchase of Wall Street Journal Doesn't Look So Bad, Say Journos

Former critics say media mogul's takeover of financial publication for the best, considering newspaper business downturn.
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