Charles Blow Again Attacks Tea Partiers as Racist

Charles Blow, officially obsessed with the Tea Party movement: "Racist. Tea Party. Are those separate concepts or a single one? Depends on whom you ask."

Washington Post Cherry-picks Poll to Portray Tea Parties as on Defensive About Racism Charges

"Tea party groups battling allegations of racism," reads a May 5 page A3 Washington Post print headline. The online version header softened the word choice a tiny bit, substituting the word ...

CNN Finally Follows Through on CAIR 'Hate Plate' Theory; Driver Now Racist?

On Friday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez revisited a story he did on Tuesday where he forwarded Islamic group CAIR's publicity stunt about a Virginia license plate that apparently contained ...

Oops: CNN, WaPo Jumped on CAIR's License Plate 'Hate' Theory, Now Disproved

On April 22 and 27, CNN and The Washington Post both helped forward Islamic advocacy group CAIR's publicity stunt which demeaned an anonymous Virginia motorist as a racist. The Post finally found ...

Irony Deficient: WaPo 'On Faith' Frets About Climate Change

Science and faith are mutually exclusive. Except when they're useful.

Iceland's Volcano Eruption: 'Judgment for the Bad Things We Have Done to the Earth'

File under Things a Journalist Should Be Too Embarrassed to Cite. In her weekly Washington Post column about the impact of the ash emitted by the volcano in Iceland which shut down European ...

Meet Washington Post's Scott Wilson, Obama's Summit News Butler

Washington Post reporter Scott Wilson topped Wednesday's paper with a "news analysis" headlined "On world stage, Obama at ease as seminar leader." The word that came to mind wasn't "analysis." It ...

WaPo Columnist Celebrates Pro-life Pharmacy's Closure

Dvorak: Maybe 'Northern Virginia Catholics Aren't as Pro-life the Rest of the Week.'
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