While Post Fronts Latest Rep. Massa Developments, NYT Files Incomplete AP Brief on A-12

The Massa story moves forward, as reports surfaced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office had been alerted to Massa's behavior with young male staffers back in October and the GOP moved to ...

Bias by the Numbers: WaPo Giddy Over Gay Marriage

Paper's reporting on DC same-sex marriage ruling quotes supporters 10 times more than opponents.

Barron's: Washington Post Investigated by the Dept. of Education

Business journal notes DOE inquiry into its important education unit conspicuously absent from newspaper's coverage.

Washington Post Uses CBO to Criticize Obama Tax Cuts, Rather than Spending

Lori Montgomery frames story against 'tax-cutting agenda,' blames cuts for projected $9.7 trillion addition to deficit.

War in Iraq Low on Obama's Agenda; Compliant Media Move On, Too

"Despite persistent violence and a critical election coming up, President Obama hardly ever mentions the war in Iraq," Joseph Curl reports in Thursday's Washington Times. Curl discloses that "the ...

WaPo Celebrates Legalization of Gay Marriage in D.C.

Alexander and Marimow enthuse that the 'fight' for gay marriage has been won.

Washington Post Page One: 'Professor Obama' Schools 'Undisciplined Pupils' of GOP

The Washington Post couldn't provide a solely objective analysis of the health "summit" in Friday's newspaper. Instead, they put liberal columnist Dana Milbank on page one to crow that Obama had ...

Washington Post Profiles Abortion Doctor Helping 'Meet Need' in South Dakota

Abortion provider Carol Ball shares her difficulties, criticizes pro-life protesters, declares 'We're right and they're wrong.'

New Yorker's Remnick: 'Palin's Career Would Be Eliminated' If 'Preposterousness Were Disqualifying'

On Tuesday's Morning Joe on MSNBC, on the same show in which host Joe Scarborough had earlier complained about FNC's Bill Sammon claiming the media "hate" Sarah Palin, guest David Remnick of the ...
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