Strange Days: Obama's Opposition to Gay Marriage a Good Thing?

Yes, apparently, as long as it keeps the GOP down, implies Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus: "But the admissions of extramarital adventures by two Republican stalwarts, Gov. Mark Sanford of ...

Economics Reporter Pleased With Discrediting of Capitalism

Marxist-influenced economics reporter Peter Goodman describes China as home "to 13 billion fingers waiting to be licked in the thrall of KFC chicken."

One Last Biased Glance Backward Before Election Day

Frank Bruni: "In Philadelphia in March, Mr. Obama delivered a set-piece speech that sought to do nothing less than explain centuries of racial enmity and move Americans past it...In recent weeks, ...

Reporter Hammers Bush's "Rigid," "With-Us-Or-Against-Us Presidency"

Patrick Healy cites words of wisdom from John Kerry to explain why voters have turned to senators: "Maybe what John Kerry...called the 'stubbornness' and 'rigidity' of the Bush administration has ...

Linking Today's Illegal Immigration Opponents to Violent Racists of a Century Ago

From a picture caption: "Anti-Catholic - Burning of St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia, 1844. As immigration soared, so did nativist reaction."

Hammering Republican "Orthodoxy" Five Times in Single Story

International Herald Tribune Editor Michael Oreskes: So McCain thought about switching parties - why is the GOP making such a big deal out of it?

A Liberal Resurgence in the U.S.? The Times Can Only Hope

Liberals are back, despite "years of ridicule, battering" and trashing "by generations of conservative candidates and commentators."
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