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NPR Ignores Obama Super PAC's Cancer Death Ad; 'Truth Squadding' Romney Welfare Ad

On Wednesday's Morning Edition, NPR followed the example of its Big Three counterparts in failing to cover a new ad from a pro-Obama super PAC that points the finger at Mitt Romney for a woman's ...

MSNBC's Sharpton Wrongly Claims Only 14.2 Million Get Food Stamps

During MSNBC's coverage of the Republican primary in South Carolina Saturday night, Al Sharpton incorrectly claimed that only 14.2 million people currently receive food stamps, and that more ...

Times Hypes Misleading 'Food Stamp Challenge,' Left-Wing FRAC

To Eric Lichtblau, the left-wing Food Research Action Council, which pushes the misleading "food stamp challenge" publicity stunt, is merely "a Washington advocacy group working with religious ...

With Poverty on the Rise, NBC Urges More Welfare Spending; No Blame for Obama

On Friday's NBC Today, correspondent Tom Costello described how "Nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty. 16 million are children. That's 3 million more than three years ago." However, ...

Detroit News Finds Example of 'Workers Choosing Jobless Pay' Over Work

Even in the state with the highest jobless rate, some landscapers turn down work to collect unemployment.

Times Pleased 'Stigma' of Food Stamps Fading

"Food Stamp Use Soars Across U.S., and Stigma Fades," cheers a Times headline over Sunday's big lead story, cowritten by fierce welfare reform opponent (and Times reporter) Jason DeParle, who ...

Glowing Dutch - NY Times Magazine Celebrates Euro-Socialism

Russell Shorto, a regular contributing writer for the New York Times Sunday magazine, offered a country-to-country comparison between the United States and Holland, where he's been living for the ...

Where Have All the Tough Guys Gone?

A couple of old men remind us of the missing ingredient for a strong society.

The Kidnapping of Santa Claus

A system that rewards failure cannot right itself.

Charles Barkley Predicts 'Reverse Bradley Effect'

Former NBA star says race will play role on Election Day, but thinks some may look beyond because Obama presidency benefits them economically.
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