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The New York Times and National Security Secrets: Obama vs. Bush

News that the New York Times and Washington Post kept secret until recently the secret U.S. drone base in Saudi Arabia is once again raising questions on the paper's politicized double ...
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Former NYT Editor in Chief Bill Keller Hits at Mitt, 'Far Right' Talking Heads on Fox News

Former editor in chief Bill Keller uses Mitt Romney's criticism of Obama administration leaks for a cheap shot: "Romney certainly knows something about keeping secrets; there have been no leaks ...

Times Eagerly Fronted Stolen Secrets from Wikileaks, but Climate-Gate Was Attempt to 'Undercut Scientists'

Double standards on leaks of sensitive information at the Times. The paper eagerly splashed diplomatic secrets stolen by Wikileaks on the front page, but claimed that releasing the "Climate-gate" ...

Times Reporter Discusses Squelching of WikiLeaks, Leaves Out Her PR Work for Group

Contributing writer Jennifer 8. Lee discusses the persecution of the anti-American anti-secrecy group Wikileaks, but doesn't mention she did publicity work for them last year: "The control that ...

Media Ignored How Failed Gay Relationship, Violent Outbursts Impacted Wikileaks 'Hero'

'Emotionally fragile' soldier accused of releasing documents had been recently spurned by homosexual lover

Times Uses Wikileaks to Discredit Guantanamo Bay

The Times lead on Monday continues the paper's criticism of Guantanamo Bay: "The murkiness of the secret intelligence - and the fact that interrogators gathered much of their information from the ...

New York Times Reporters Cite WikiLeaks Files in Anti-Gitmo Screed

The New York Times offered a distorted glimpse into the prison at Guantanamo Bay and the Bush administration's treatment of suspected terrorists in a series of reports published on Sunday and Monday.

D.C. Bureau Chief: 'Unimaginable' Not to Publish WikiLeaks Secret Cables

Washington Bureau Chief Dean Baquet: "Put aside the debate over what WikiLeaks provided. Isn't it unimaginable to anybody that the New York Times would have had the arrogance to have this stuff ...

Huge Keller Cover Story Defends Spilling Diplomatic Secrets From WikiLeaks

The biggest laugh line in Executive Editor Bill Keller's proud defense of his paper's publication of secret diplomatic cables from WikiLeaks and Julian Assange: " is our aim to be impartial ...

Another Uncritical Take on a Left-Wing 'War Resisters' Group

A tiny knot of supporters of accused WikiLeaks leaker, Army analyst Bradley Manning, get some publicity in the paper's special San Francisco section.
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