Maddow More Rational Than Letterman Who Argues WikiLeaks Could Have Saved Us from Bush's 9/11 Malfeasance

Searching for an upside to the WikiLeaks release of secret documents, David Letterman pointed to how such disclosures could have possibly prevented the 9/11 attacks since former President George ...

The Top 10 Worst Julian Assange Metaphors

Besotted lefty media falls over itself conjuring comparisons to anti-American hacker.

Unlike NBC, ABC Conducts Hard-Hitting Expose of Egomaniacal 'Dictator' Julian Assange

While NBC on Tuesday focused on the "funny" and "intelligent" side of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Nightline's Brian Ross conducted a tough, hard-hitting investigation into the questionable ...

NBC Turns on Obama: Tax Deal a "Disaster in the Making"

Vol. 23, No. 25

Oh No, Europe Doesn't Approve of America's Reaction to WikiLeaks

Sophisticated Europe rolls its eyes at silly American concern over the WikiLeaks revelations. The Times takes Europe's side, seeing the concern as a betrayal of American ideals neither the Times ...

Friday's Front Page Spins Pro-Wikileaks Hackers as Defenders of Web Freedom

Fighting for Internet shutting down websites? That's reporter Noam Cohen's strange take on hacker supporters of WikiLeaks taking down websites they disagree with: "...the loosely ...

Editor Bill Keller Defends the 'Value' of WikiLeaks: Info's 'Absolutely Fascinating'

Executive Editor Bill Keller reacted badly to a National Public Radio question suggesting Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was a "looter" or a smasher of windows. Keller insisted the document dump has ...

Media Can't Decide Whether Espionage is Journalism

Clueless journalists seem more concerned about own careers than America's best interests.

Assange's Media Allies

Julian Assange, the radical mastermind of "WikiLeaks," is described by our media as an "idealist," even as he plots to paralyze our government's effectiveness with leaks. The media say it's not ...

The Left-leaning Media's Myth-Making about Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder hailed by journalists as folk hero, renegade.
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