What Radical Leftist Am I Flattering Today?

Colin Moynihan writes of radical lawyer Lynne Stewart's "long record of representing the disadvantaged, the destitute and the despised." She was convicted of aiding a Muslim terrorist. Last year, ...

Nicer to Bomb-Throwing William Ayers Than Conservative William Buckley

Plus: Rush Limbaugh a ""Sweaty, Swollen Man""

Media Drink Obama's 8 Years Old Kool-Aid

Rather than investigate the candidate's relationship with William Ayers, establishment media are just repeating the campaign's talking points.

McCain "Inconsistent and Testy" and Looked "a Little Strange" in Debate

Patrick Healy mocks McCain's debate performance two days after chiding Sarah Palin's speechmaking and her supporters, saying that McCain's performance went downhill when he "refused to let the ...

The NYT's "Whitewash" of the Bill Ayers-Obama Connection

A 2,100-word front-page inoculation by the New York Times, purporting to investigate the relationship between '60s domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Barack Obama: "But the two men do not appear to ...

Obama's Terrorist Colleague Bill Ayers Makes Cameo in Story on Education

An education story acknowledged the existence of Bill Ayers, an Obama colleague and cofounder of the violent terrorist group Weather Underground.

Rutenberg Still Mad at Obama-Bill Ayers Ad

Reporter Jim Rutenberg is again more interested in the nefarious funding behind an ad linking Obama and homegrown terrorist William Ayers, than he is in the link itself. Plus more of the ...
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