Times Leaves a Lot Out of Profile of Inflammatory 'Occupy' Instigator Kalle Lasn

Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn is credited by the Times with branding and inspiring the Occupy movement. What reporter William Yardley left out: Lasn's authorship and the title of Adbusters notorious ...

Times Finds Little in Palin Email Dump, Writes About It Anyway

Jim Rutenberg and William Yardley damn the former Alaska governor with faint praise: "She was also, in the years before her national emergence, more open to compromise and political dealing than ...

NYT Already Pushing 'Entrapment' Defense in Case of Islamic Would-Be Christmas Tree Bomber

The Times is already pushing the "entrapment" defense in the case of the Portland Christmas-tree bomber, sympathizing with local Muslims in opposition to the anti-terror investigation. And after ...

Spinning for the 'Revived' Lisa Murkowski Candidacy on the Front Page

A thin front-page story spun hard for moderate Republican Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign to retain her Alaska Senate seat: "So why do plenty of people here, from analysts to many rank-and-file ...

Glenn Beck Always "Finding Some Other Way to Infuriate Plenty of Americans"

Reporter William Yardley objects to the conservative talk show host being given the key to Mount Vernon, Wa., the city where he grew up.

Attention NYT: Palin Didn't Actually Say She Could See Russia From Her House

For the liberals at the Times, everything Sarah Palin does is some kind of joke. But that doesn't mean they have to treat Saturday Night Live skits as fact.

Gary Locke's "Scandal-Free Resume"?

Columnist Michelle Malkin accuses reporter William Yardley of whitewashing the Clinton-era campaign finance controversies of Gary Locke, Obama's pick for Commerce Secretary.

"Obama-Style Optimism" in Governors' Mansions?

William Yardley found a "staunch fiscal conservative" governor, but no liberal ones.

Shocking that "Nice" Seattlites Oppose City Homeowner Bailout

"Seattle...began a modest program last month offering loans of up to $5,000 to help a few dozen homeowners avoid losing their homes. Not only are people in Seattle relatively prosperous, but they ...

Suspicious in Seattle? Times Concerned with "Alleged Racial Profiling" on Ferry

The FBI released photos taken on a Puget Sound ferry of two suspicious men and asked the pubilc for help in identifying them. The Times takes a predictable PC angle (and doesn't run the photos).
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