The 'Innocence Snuff Film'

Schwimming upstream - 'Friends' actor bemoans sexualized culture

ABC: Supreme Court Decision Gives Wal-Mart Ability to 'Crush' Women 'One at a Time'

'World News' slants report against retailer with voices 4-to-1 against court ruling in class-action gender discrimination lawsuit.

No Squeamish Urban Liberals Here: Times Readers Up in Arms About Women Bearing Arms

The Times' liberal readership rises up in resentment about pictures of handguns for women: "9 accused us of glamorizing violence and guns....4 suggested we were pandering to N.R.A.-member readers...."

For Once, the No Spin Zone: Times Lead Poll Story Shows Big Gains for GOP

Reporters Jim Rutenberg and Megan Thee-Brenan informed their surely disheartened readership that Democrats are losing among all sorts of groups, even women: "Critical parts of the coalition that ...

Scientific American Proposes Global Warming Solution: Birth Control through Contraception and Safe Abortion

Popular science periodical suggests reducing peak population to roughly 8 billion is the key reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

USA Today Frets Over the Possible Loss of (Democratic) Women in Congress

A headline in USA Today on Monday worried, "Elections are likely to trim number of women in Congress." It wasn't until the 15th paragraph of Susan Page's story that the numerous female Republican ...

Feminist Columnist Reacts to GOP Women Winning in California By Whining About Campaign Finance Reform

Not a word about female progress in GOP politics after Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina advanced in California primary elections for governor and senator. Instead, a sour lecture on campaign finance ...

Newsweek Calls the Catholic Church an 'All-Male Club … Keeping Modernity at Bay'

Lisa Miller's latest Catholic-hating article calls the Church 'ingrown' and 'out of touch with people.'

5 Years Later, NYT Still Piling on Lawrence Summers for Remarks About Women in Science

Harvard's "a different place" without its former president, Lawrence Summers, who left under fire for daring to make an academic statement about women's aptitude for science and math during an ...

Blue Tube

Four Reasons to Keep Your Children Away From YouTube This Summer
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