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Marvel's Vigilantes of SHIELD

Evan doubles down on the bet that Agent Ward wiill have a redemption narrative.
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CNN Donates 42 Minutes to Puff Obama Interview: Hypes New Dog, But Not IRS Scandal

CNN's Chris Cuomo scored an exclusive interview with Barack Obama on Friday and donated a whopping 42 minutes of his three hour New Day program to playing (and replaying) the discussion with the ...
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Forget All the Problems with ObamaCare, There's a New White House Dog!

Rather than focus on the myriad of problems plaguing the implementation of ObamaCare, on Tuesday, all three network morning shows instead provided coverage of the First Family getting a second ...
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NBC Touted Romney's Dog on a Car Roof Story, But Only ABC Notes: Obama 'Tried Dog' as a Kid

Of the three major networks, only ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday covered the "dog wars" counterattack by Mitt Romney's operatives. Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos highlighted that the ...

'Crate-Gate' Continues; Collins Calls Cain, Other GOP Candidates 'Nutjobs'

Gail Collins has now mentioned Mitt Romney's dog strapped to a crate on a car roof 28 times in columns. She also referred to Herman Cain and other GOP candidates as "nutjobs," while her ...
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