No, We Don't Believe You

A key Times editor denies the paper's liberal bias, plus "enlightenment absolutists" fail to appease Muslim extremists.
No, We Don't
"I bet you don't believe me, but it's the truth: Reporters are driven by digging out the news, not by pressing partisan opinions." - Managing Editor Richard Berke, as part of an online Q&A, September 12.

"Widening Public Skepticism" About British Terror Threat

Alan Cowell, August 22.

"Enlightenment Absolutists" Fail to Appease Muslim Extremists
"Enlightenment absolutists like Ms. Hirsi Ali and Mr. van Gogh turned apoplectic at any efforts to appease or accommodate Muslims on, say, gay rights or women's rights, and they were not alone in their fears." - From William Grimes' review of Dutch journalist Ian Buruma's new book on the murder by a Muslim extremist of Theo van Gogh, September 13.

Republicans Making "Life Harder for Illegal Residents"
"Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona, a Democrat, has sought to appear tough, declaring a state of emergency last year in the four border counties that bear the brunt of the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico. But this spring, with a commanding lead in the polls, Ms. Napolitano rejected bills from the Republican-dominated Legislature intended to make life harder for illegal residents and the businesses that employ them, questioning the legality and effectiveness of the proposals." - Randal Archibold, August 20.

A Hunka Socialism

- Theatre critic George Hunka, August 22.

How Dare Republicans Treat a Political Issue Politically
"Several hearings are being held in districts where Republican lawmakers are engaged in competitive races for the House, and some lawmakers and advocates of immigrants fear that immigration has become little more than a weapon in the battle over fiercely contested House and Senate seats." - Rachel Swarns, August 24.

"More Than a Whiff of Bigotry" by GOP
"Democrats and others call it a tired scare tactic with more than a whiff of bigotry because Republicans often point to gay and black Democrats who would lead committees." - Carl Hulse, August 26.

Bush's Compassion in Question After Katrina
"If the bungled federal response to Hurricane Katrina called into question the president's competence, that Air Force One snapshot, coupled with wrenching scenes on the ground of victims who were largely poor and black, called into question something equally important to Mr. Bush: his compassion." - Sheryl Gay Stolberg, August 28.

Thank Goodness: Goldwater "Rehabilitated" as "a Kind of Liberal"
"Your grandfather, Barry Goldwater, was both adored and vilified during his lifetime as the rightest of the right-wing senators. Yet your new documentary, 'Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater,' which will be shown on HBO starting Sept. 18, rehabilitates him as a kind of liberal compared with today's conservatives." - from a Q&A by Deborah Solomon with the late Sen. Goldwater's granddaughter CC Goldwater.

Could You Fit One More "Conservative" Label In There?
"Even so, the White House move cheered conservatives, who make up an important part of Mr. Bush's political base and are passionate about putting conservatives on the bench. The battle over the judiciary was a big feature of the 2004 Congressional campaigns, and conservatives are eager to replay that fight." -Sheryl Gay Stolberg on the fight in Congress over judges, August 31.

That Dirty Karl Rove
"Indeed, Democrats - aware of Mr. Rove's reputation for pulling out all the stops when necessary and his ability to call on a shadow political machine of interest groups and donors to attack opponents - said they remained worried about what kind of effort Mr. Rove might unleash in the closing weeks of the campaign." - Adam Nagourney and Jim Rutenberg, September 2.