Nope, No Bias Here

Plus: Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick's obituary features dictators and double standards.
Chile, Dies" - Times Headline from December 11, 2006.
"Kim Il Sung, Enigmatic 'Great Leader' of North Korea for 5 Decades, Dies at 82." - Times Headline from July 10, 1994.

No Bias Here, Part II
" At the United Nations, [U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick] defended Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the American invasion of Grenada in 1983. She argued for El Salvador's right-wing junta and against Nicaragua's left-wing ruling council , the Sandinistas." - From Tim Weiner for Jeane Kirkpatrick, December 9.

The Class War Goes Underground
"The striking disparities underscore a simple truth not always understood outside the ranks of the city's five crime families: Some mobsters reap millions from rackets, and in some cases from legitimate enterprises, but many struggle to maintain a middle-class existence, and some are routinely broke. The impoverished gangster barely eking out a living is so commonplace that mobsters have a word for these poorer men of honor: brokesters." - William Rashbaum, December 10.

U.S. "Tars" Castro as a Dictator?
"Still, the Cuban authorities are eager to show off this school as a sign of the country's compassion and its standing in the world. And some students cannot help responding to the sympathetic portrayal of Mr. Castro, whom the United States government tars as a dictator who suppresses his people." - Marc Lacey, December 8.

...While Castro's Communism "Very Much a Work in Progress"
Marc Lacey, December 3.

Which Way Is It?

Headline over Eduardo Porter's December 6 article.
From the text of Porter's article.

Fear of Communism Irrational, Explains Theatre Critic
"[Josephine Herbst's] brief stint working for the foreign radio operations unit of the O.S.S. ends when her politics become an issue as the first stirrings of rabid anti-Communism begin to infiltrate the war offices." - Theatre critic Charles Isherwood in his review of "Two September," a play about Vietnam featuring a character based on left-wing 1940's journalist Josephine Herbst.