ABC’s ‘GCB’ Carves Own Twisted Version of 10 Commandments

Controversial show escalates agenda of mocking Christians with attack on Bible.

“If you want to live in this world, you’re going to need some rules to live by,” is the tagline sported underneath ABC’s twisted rendering of the 10 Commandments. Proving once again that “GCB” certainly doesn’t play by the rules or hold a shred of respect for believing Christians. Because this attack targeted the Old Testament, it also could be offensive to Jewish people.

Many remember Charlton Heston and the splendor of the iconic 1956 film "The Ten Commandments" as God gave Moses the tablets. “GCB” and its “commandments” revealed just how much this generation suffers from moral poverty. The “GCB” commandments celebrate the very things the Bible opposed – sin. From adultery to coveting, ABC set up its own rules directly to mock the Bible. The list, filled with images that included a thong, a bra, and a diamond ring, was designed to add to the lefty media’s crusade against faith.    

“GCB’s” second episode reveled in the sexualizing of young, female characters and their obsession with boob jobs allowing their “cup to runneth over.” The show’s third commandment “Thou shalt love a “C” cup, unless you fit into a “D” cup” promotes this mantra accompanied by a lingerie photo.

Another “GCB” law, “Thou shalt know it’s wrong to expose your thong” features the underwear photo behind the words.

No good Christian-bashing would be complete without tolerance for homosexuals shoved down the audiences’ throat, and their second “commandment” shows a half-naked, gay male character, with the words “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s husband…unless he’s really hot.”

Love of self and all things material is emblazoned across the website, and depicted by the “commandments:” “Thou shalt add bling to everything,” “Thou shall not wear it if it’s under a carat,” and “Thou shalt match the volume of thy hair to the size of thy handbag.”

 “Remember you spa day and keep it holy” mocks reverence of the Sabbath while “Honor thy manis and pedis” replaces “Honor thy mother and father.”

Finally, the last commandment “Don’t Mess with Texas” only serves to ridicule the south further, since the entire show makes a farce of Texans and their lifestyles.

Such a selfish and conceited painting of biblical holy words is clearly meant to scorn Christian beliefs, despite liberals’ wild defense of the show. So ABC, when are you releasing that salacious version of the Koran?