Activist Lila Rose: Media Ignore March for Life to 'Cover Up' Abortion

Live Action president calls for truth to expose media bias.

It’s hardly a new revelation that the media turn a blind eye towards the annual Washington, DC March for Life, and, according to Live Action President Lila Rose, the bias by omission exists to “cover up” abortion. 

Rose described the media bias to the Culture and Media Institute’s Katie Yoder in an interview Friday, saying, "So there should be more media reporting on [the march], absolutely. And sadly, there's a bias in a lot of media to cover this up. To cover up abortion to not talk about it." 

As a remedy to the bias, Rose prescribed fair and accurate reporting: "How coverage happens... does make so much difference." She explained the importance of recognizing media bias and exposing it with truth – the truth that:

“…there are hundreds of thousands of people out here… many of them young people all over the country. This is more Americans identify as pro-life than pro-choice, it’s been forty years of legal abortion in our country since Roe v. Wade, with 55 million children lost and killed. And yet there is such passion and dedication and our movement is only growing. That’s the story that people need to hear…”

The media networks are notorious for their March for Life coverage, from omitting the word “life” in anchor reports to devoting a total of 17 seconds to Friday’s 40th annual March for Life.