Al Gore, from "Lost Soul" to "International Hero"

Jim Rutenberg provides some oxygen to the "Draft Gore!" movement.

On the eve of a possible Nobel Peace Prize for his work on fighting"global warming," reporter Jim Rutenberg gave some oxygen to the burgeoning "Draft Gore!" movement, a far-flung attempt to getthe former vice president'sname onto the Democratic primary ballots in various states ("Supporters of Gore Lead a Movement That Lacks a Candidate").

"The former vice president has undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis, after all, publicly evolving from likely president-elect to stunning loser to lost soul to national and even international hero. Committed to bringing attention to global warming and other environmental issues, he has a new sense of purpose in that effort, which has earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize."

Incidentally, Thursday's article on the Democrat who's not running took up as much space as the Times' coverage of two Republican candidates (Mitt Romney and John McCain) who are. And the paper's longest political story was a favorable profile of "slowly and steadily rising" Democratic second-tier candidate Bill Richardson.