Another Hollywood Actress Flacks for Planned Parenthood

Hollywood's support for liberal causes is extremely well-documented. It thus came as no surprise that a leading actress decided to post her support for Planned Parenthood's baby-killing factory in a "women's magazine" that tilts to the left.


Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, perhaps most famous for her role as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, shilled for Planned Parenthood in a piece for Glamour Magazine, becoming the latest in a line of celebrities to stump for the "women's health" (translation: child killing) group.


Gyllenhaal began her rant with a familiar liberal refrain on the lack of personhood of the unborn baby: "My mother was very politically active and taught both my brother and me that it is everyone's responsibility as a citizen and as a person in the world to fight for what you believe in. And what I believe very strongly is that every woman has the right to decide what she can do with her body."

Up to and including killing their unborn children, apparently, which is not part of a woman's body.


Gyllenhaal went on to express disbelief that some politicians would seek to "restrict women's access to reproductive health issues," citing the misleading statistic that "3 percent of these centers' services are in abortion care." (The statistic is correct - if you count each birth control refill as a separate visit and lump all visits to Planned Parenthood for abortion into one-time care.)


This peculiar blindness - that people could possibly be upset over an organization that promotes teaching masturbation to children and kills over 300,000 unborn children a year - is common among liberals, for whom sexual license is a paramount virtue.


She closed her piece with the hope that the fight against Planned Parenthood would simply go away: "I've been a Planned Parenthood supporter my whole life-since my mom took me to a rally when I was in sixth grade. It's chilling to think of this resource being taken away. I have a five-year-old daughter, and I'm pregnant with my second child. I know when my children are older, I will be taking them to events like the one I went to with my mom. I hope we'll be celebrating our freedoms and rights, not fighting for them once again as we are now."

Celebrities are notorious for their checkered lifestyles, and Hollywood does not shy away from glamorizing casual sex in film and in television. But Gyllenhaal's obsession with sex is more pronounced than that of most of her colleagues. She starred in a movie about women's vibrators in 2011, called Hysteria, and has been quoted saying she loans her friends sex toys. She also voiced over a 2011 Discovery Channel documentary titled "Why is Sex Fun?," which featured a woman giving herself an orgasm onscreen while scientists watched.


Hollywood is no stranger to promoting "abortion rights." The Culture and Media Institute detailed celebrity endorsements of Planned Parenthood. Actress Scarlett Johansson went so far as to make a video supporting the group during the defunding battle in April that nearly led to government shutdown.


Glamour Magazine has also proven to be a reliable mouthpiece for the left. Glamour's lists of "Women of the Year" reliably tilt liberal. And Glamour is also highly supportive of abortion and casual sex, which Planned Parenthood promotes with a vengeance. In 2009, Glamour did a piece featuring an abortion doctor discussing her trade, saying there was "little drama to the procedure."


Articles like Gyllenhaal's ode to Planned Parenthood are confluence of Hollywood vacuity and Glamour's reflexive liberalism.