Baldwin Threatens to Murder Media That Love Him

Being liberal means never having to say you're sorry.

When you are a prominent Hollywood actor – plus an outspoken liberal – you can get away with “murder.” Yesterday, actor Alec Baldwin, who is famous for both his outspoken liberal views and his ugly run-ins with reporters (and flight attendants), found himself in another scuffle with two New York Post reporters.

Baldwin supposedly grabbed the Post’s Tara Palmeri by the arm and threatened, "I want to choke you to death" when she questioned him on a lawsuit filed against his wife. Baldwin then verbally attacked the Post's photographer, G. N. Miller, a black retired NYPD detective, and with names such as "coon," "crackhead," and "drug dealer."

Baldwin went berserk on Twitter over the incident, saying:

“I slipped and fell on the trail of oil the Post 'photographer' left near my bldg. Who do I sue?”
“I wonder what outrageous claims the Post will make tomorrow re the 'photographer' I filed an NYPD complaint against today.”
“That's kind of magical thinking, isn't it? The Post accusing me of racism?”

Baldwin’s Twitter rants are nothing new. He called Sen. James Inhofe (R-Ok.) an “oil whore” who should “retire to a solar-powered gay bar,” while naming Michelle Malkin as a, “world class, crypto hate thinker!” and Andrew Breitbart as “a festering boil on the anus of public discourse.”
In between his rants on the Post incident, he begged followers to vote for him in Huffington Post’s “Celebrity President: Which Star Would You Most Like To See In The White House?” And yes, he did win – beating other liberal contestants such as Stephen Colbert, Morgan Freeman, and Oprah.
Not too surprising, considering the media continually fawn over Baldwin – from CNN’s Piers Morgan claiming Baldwin speaks “like a president” to an NYT reporter becoming “star-struck” by his presence. Ironic, as Alec Baldwin continually attacks the media.

But being a high-profile liberal means never having to say you’re sorry – or even say anything civil at all. He can choke people in violent outbursts, demonize critics and call for them to be “water boarded,” and allegedly yell racial slurs. Hollywood doesn’t bat an eyelash because he is on their side politically. The actor still gets plenty of work, making Capital One commercials poking fun at himself and starring in the recently canceled “30 Rock.”

It’s not the same for religious and/or conservative actors in Hollywood who similarly misbehave. Just look at Mel Gibson. After Gibson’s anti-Semitic ranting during a drunk driving arrest in 2006, the media slammed the actor, calling him a “bigot” and “anti-semetic drunk” and Hollywood virtually shut down his career. Yet it wasn’t really the comments that got him the heat, it was his politics. Case in point, when director Oliver Stone made anti-Semitic remarks in 2010 to The Sunday Times, no media outlet reported on it.

But by the time of Gibson’s meltdown, he was already damaged Hollywood goods for making “The Passion of the Christ” in 2004. The Hollywood establishment and entertainment media hated that a pious film about Jesus Christ did tremendously well in the box-office and that Gibson, a Catholic, directed it. The New York Times’ Frank Rich called it “a joy ride for sadomasochists,” and a critic called it “an invitation to hard-core sadism.”

Instead of making a politically correct Jesus movie like “The Last Temptation of Christ” or “Godspell,” Gibson attempted to make a historically-accurate one. People who don’t mind graphic violence in the service of entertainment were appalled to see it in the service of religious truth. Gibson was accused of being anti-Jewish for simply using the Bible as source material. Meanwhile, in the same year, the media worshipped the “The Da Vinci Code,” which demonized the Roman Catholic Church and advanced farcical historical inaccuracies as realities.

Mel Gibson said horrible things and behaved horribly on several occasions. Alec Baldwin has made a side career of doing the same things. Sadly, he’s the one doesn’t need a side career.