Behar Mocks Christian Women's Sexuality

What class! What tact! On the Feb. 19 “Larry King Live,” Joy Behar showed that the high level of discourse found on ABC's “The View” is portable.

Filling in for Larry King, Behar interviewed conservative author Ann Coulter. At one point the following exchange took place:

Behar: … I read this study one time – don't ask me where because I don't remember where I read it – but they said that conservative women have more orgasms than liberal women.

Coulter: Oh yeah, that was in [Coulter's book] “Godless.”

Behar: Why do you think that's true?

Coulter: Uh, it's heavily through the Bible Belt …

Behar: Really, a lot of sex in the Bible Belt? What's the reason do you think? Do you think it's true?

Coulter: Yeah, it's definitely true.

Behar: Why? Based on what? Is it because Republican women have more money and so they're more relaxed? Is that what it is? Or they can afford better vibrators? What?

Coulter: It's because they take it more seriously.

Behar: Oh they take it more seriously. I thought you were supposed to have more fun in bed?

Coulter: But not in bed constantly with every tom, dick and harry, including the guys with the electric cars.

Behar's ignorance about women in the Bible Belt isn't surprising, given “The View's” er, tenuous grasp on theology and things religious.