Boyfriend Abuse? There’s an App for That

Game rewards you for 'training' your man.

“No boyfriend is perfect! It’s time you trained him to become one.” So reads a screenshot from the iphone app, “Boyfriend Trainer” currently available for free on the iTunes store. 

The app first attracted attention from Buzzfeed and, as Jezebel reported on Jan. 29, the app teaches you to “hit, slap, and strangle your lover when he, say, drops a shirt or glass or checks out sexy passerby”.

“Boyfriend Trainer” rewards you for teaching your boyfriend in the same way that you would train a dog. You can even choke your boyfriend with a leash around his neck if he’s behaving badly. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the game apparently thinks violence is funny, as long as it’s against men. Can you imagine the uproar if this game had been made with the roles reversed?