CBS’ Sherlock Holmes: Bankers ‘Crooks,’ Profits ‘Obscene’

Network’s ‘Elementary’ platform for anti-capitalistic rhetoric.

Bankers and capitalism are to blame for worldwide economic turmoil. That’s the controversial perspective preached by a reinvented Sherlock Holmes character on CBS’s “Elementary,” played by British actor Jonny Lee Miller.

Miller returns in the third season premiere of “Elementary”  Oct. 30, as the world’s most famous detective. But his portrayal is far from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes. The Holmes of “Elementary” made no secret of his political leanings in previous seasons.

Among his many anti-capitalistic barbs so far, Sherlock denounced his businessman father as a “Lovecraftian horror” for seeking “ever-more-obscene profits,” and investigated a company “so poisoned by profits” that it ruthlessly silenced the “the few good souls” who worked there. He also called bankers “crooks” who “rigged the roulette wheel of commerce” and “very nearly destroyed the world economy.”

If Seasons 1 and 2 were any indication, Sherlock’s “progressive” economic views will feature prominently in upcoming episodes. Just in time for the third season of “Elementary,” here is video highlighting some the show’s most outrageous anti-capitalist claims.