Celebrity Christmas Cards are Naughty Notes

It's the most wonderful time of the year – especially if you're expecting a little extra naughtiness from mildly attractive celebrity women. Despite the original spiritual message of Christmas and typically cold weather, female Hollywood goddesses have taken to greeting loved ones with Christmas cards featuring themselves in skimpy outfits and sultry poses.

What would a Christmas card from Paris Hilton be without the hotel heiress donning a low-cut dress and her signature pout? Well, it wouldn't be a Christmas card from Paris Hilton. Her 2010 card features her in a shimmery low cut, yet high-hemmed halter dress, arms above her head, in a pose fit for GQ with the simple words “Merry Christmas” in the bottom right hand corner. Nothing says “the miracle of Christ's birth” like that.

But the weird doesn't end there. The famous media story fulcrum of early 2009, “Octomom,” sent out a card to her family and friends this year posing with the octuplets in her front yard. While the red and white clad children are adorable in their holiday attire, mom Nadya Suleman is a dressed pretty risqué. The mother of 14 is posed, while holding two of her octuplets, in sheer black stockings, a small fur-lined sexy Santa costume with a bit of cleavage showing and a cute Santa hat.

Strangely enough, another odd Christmas card this year came from the ever-poised Joan Collins. The aging English actress sent out a Christmas greeting card this year, featuring an illustrated image of herself lying on a chaise lounge chair in a long, black, off-the-shoulder dress against a bright red backdrop with the words “Season's Greetings” across the top in a sort of handwritten manuscript. Christmas in the Collins' household certainly isn't about Christ, but about Joan. 

And then there is country singer turned cheating-sex-kitten Leanne Rimes. While Rimes did not send out an “official” Christmas card wearing a sexy Santa outfit, she did tweet a few racy holiday photos to her fans. The singer performed with the Gay Men's Chorus in Los Angeles on December 19 in what could be dubbed “holiday lingerie.” The barely-there Mrs. Claus outfit in which she performed, revealed quite a bit of leg, and after three cleavage-revealing photos, Rimes was clearly very proud to show off her body.