ClimateDepot's Morano: Global Warming Already Dead, ClimateGate 'Withheld Embalming Fluid'

It seems like everyday a new flaw is exposed in the argument that mankind’s use of carbon-based energy sources is warming the planet. And Marc Morano, the executive editor and chief correspondent for has been credited with exposing many of those flaws.

On Feb. 18 at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference, Morano accepted the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award for extensively covering one of the most “uncovered” stories of 2009 – “ClimateGate,” the scandal involving the promoters of the theory of anthropogenic global warming at the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit. Morano offered remarks about the state of the debate long since declared over by climate provocateurs like former Vice President Al Gore, and said it wasn’t looking promising for their efforts.

“They’ve reached a level of desperation,” Morano said. “Again, before ClimateGate, before all these recent scandals – this is last summer – I like to say the global warming movement was dead before ClimateGate hit. All ClimateGate did was withhold the embalming fluid. Now the corpse is rotting for us all to see.”

Morano highlighted a new “eco-scare” that could fill the void left by the demise of the global warming: a so-called oxygen crisis being floated as a trial balloon in the United Kingdom.

“No joke, the U.K. Green Party test marketing the next eco-scare,” Morano said. “‘There exists a more serious crisis than CO2 – the oxygen levels, human activity has decreased them by one-half.’ This is a test market. They’re trying this out.”

Morano made a moral argument for remaining vigilant against global warming alarmism. He explained that the efforts to potentially change the entire global economy predicated on eco-fraud could set many emerging nations back just as they are developing modern amenities taken for granted in the United States and other industrialized nations.

“Carbon-based economies are one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet,” Morano explained. “Let’s not demonize CO2 – it’s not pollution. Let’s laugh at [Sen.] Barbara Boxer the next time she claims it is pollution. Life used to be nasty, brutish and short and still is for 1.6 billion people without running water and electricity. They need carbon-based energy.”