CMI On TV – ‘Good Wife’ Takes on Bad Businessmen

Union good, management bad, Hollywood is in balance.

For a show that mocked the Tea Party as a racist organization, glorifying unions and painting businessmen as cold-blooded schemers is hardly surprising.

In the latest episode of “The Good Wife,” attorney Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies) tries to save the jobs of a group of employees from getting fired. To save these overworked, underpaid code workers (one of whom dies in a car accident due to lack of sleep), Alicia must convince the judge they were creating a union and are being fired because of it.

When the employees vote to unionize, the company’s lawyer, Nancy Crozier (Mamie Gummer), explains the company has already been sold.

Alicia asks her fellow partner Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), “did you encourage all the union talk at Blowtorch in order to drive the price of the company down?”

“Business does just what business does, Alicia,” says her conservative (danger!) boyfriend and fellow partner Will Gardner (Josh Charles).

When the law firm’s own employees threaten to strike, management promotes the leaders. “You bought off the ringleaders,” Alicia notes.

“We handled the problem in a way that protected us and satisfied them,” Will explains.

Business and management team up to bully employees. Yes, the job creators – and their evil Republican allies – are to blame for all your woes. “It’s what management does.”