CMI On TV – a ‘Person of Interest’ is Predictably a Wealthy Businessman

Rich investor? He must be bad.

Rich investor? He must be bad.

CBS’ Person of Interest is a great show – Jim Caviezel and J.J. Abrams make a killer combo. But still suffers from Hollywood’s innate leftwing hatred of businessmen.

Hedge fund billionaire Armand Cochran (Scott Jaeck) uses inside knowledge to sell his stocks in a company whose new cure is bound to fail. Dr. Richard Nelson (Dennis Boutsikaris) leaks the information, so Cochran ordered his poisoning death.

In a fantastic fireplace and armchair scene, Richard tells Armand, “You and your firm, you’re not really interested in medicinal drugs or curing disease. You’re just a man who makes money, even if you have to cheat.”

Quick to defend himself, Armand says, “I’m an investor, I trade stocks. But if I know I picked a loser, I have to dump it. Either way, I always win.”

His cocky grin continues. “Unfortunately, doctor, the S.E.C. investigation will die with you.”

“I think you mean us,” Richard says, as Armand’s nose starts bleeding – the first sign of the insidious poison.

The piece de resistance deliciously states the point. In typical anti-rich, hypocritical Hollywood fashion, Richard says, “You have $9 billion, but you only have 24 hours to spend it. I hope you invest it wisely.”