CMI On TV – ‘Two And a Half Men’: Still Filth

Just juvenile sex jokes.

When Angus T. Jones – a former star of CBS’s smut-com “Two and a Half Men” – told people to “please stop watching it, please stop filling your head with filth,” he wasn’t kidding. His departure may have led CBS to double down on the dirtiness.

In the latest episode, sex is less of a motif and more of a pervasive smog, shoving its way into every topic of conversation.

When Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) mentions soup, it makes Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) think about his ex-girlfriend Lyndsey and her new boyfriend, “and what they’re doing.” As if that were not enough, he adds “and what position they’re doing it in. And where they’re doing it – in the bed, in the shower, at the Costco between the meat and the tires. That was our place!”

While peeping on Lyndsey, Alan imagines her talking to her new boyfriend while watching baseball. “Sure, you can kiss me between the strikes and I’ll kiss you between the balls.” Funny stuff, that.

When another peeper joins him, the new guy guesses the boyfriend’s name – “it’s either Nick, or Oh, God Right There!”

To help Alan forget Lyndsey, Walden hooks him up with Nick’s old girlfriend. The episode ends with the piece de resistance: “revenge sex is way better than revenge masturbation.”

Yep. Still filth.