CMI On TV -- ‘Five-0’ Through the Investigative Journalism Lens

CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 has already gained a reputation for great action and nobility, but the latest installment brought something more – a feat of presentation, in the style of investigative journalism.

Instead of the typical crime show, where excellent camera angles and uninterrupted footage immerses the viewer in the spirit of the action, this episode viewed the crimes unit through a reporter’s lens. Many scenes feature an outdoor presentation, with Savannah Walker (Aisha Tyler) narrating in between clips to a crowd in white chairs.

At one point, Savannah even attaches a small camera to an investigator’s shirt to see across police lines. Right after she gets caught, the villain – a crime boss named Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) – shows up, dressed as a cop. When she interviews him, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) recognizes him, and a shoot-out ensues.

Wo Fat gets away, but Savannah has her footage, and the audience hushes to see what will happen next.