CMI On TV -- Occupy Wall Street – A Prime Time Villain?

'The Good Wife' almost portrays the truth about OWS.

CBS’ “The Good Wife” has unfairly labeled the Tea Party a racist organization, but is it now turning on the left?

In the latest episode, an anti-rape activist group called “Anonymous” involves itself in a rape case. The show’s main character, attorney Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), is advising the plaintiff, and the judge won’t allow evidence to be used because he alleges it was “obtained illegally.”

“Anonymous” not only publishes incriminating videos of the defendant – it also stamps the judge’s picture with the word “Enabler” and publishes his address to the world. The internet video opens with scenes reminiscent of the violent protests of Occupy Wall Street – protestors in white masks, ravaging public areas and even throwing a Molotov cocktail to explode on the street.

While supporting a good cause, “Anonymous” hurts the plaintiff and Mrs. Florrick, who watches the video with disgust. The plaintiff had already gotten herself charged with contempt of court for tweeting, and this makes the prosecution a living hell.

Clearly, the audience is meant to chafe at the internet group’s violent efforts. While the Tea Party gets the lovely title “racist,” Occupy Wall Street emerges as a noble but mistaken obstacle to justice. A critique to OWS? As close as Hollywood is like to get.