CNN Promotes Stripper’s Claim that Catholic Church 'Dirtier Than What Goes on in Strip Clubs'

Latest attack reflects media ongoing media bias against faith.

On HLN, when you don’t know how to answer an interview question, bash the Catholic Church. You’ll actually have your anti-Catholic bigotry promoted by CNN. In an interview with HLN’s Dr. Drew featured on, stripper Joslyn Jones claimed that “most stuff that goes on at church” is “dirtier than what goes on in strip clubs.”

When challenged by Dr. Drew about the drug use and trauma history common among strippers, Jones deflected the question, bizarrely arguing: “It’s definitely very common, but it’s actually like, um, like I always try to use the analogy. You know, you look at the Catholic Church. How much nonsense and debauchery, and disrespect, and really underground, you know, seedy stuff goes on, that’s, the Catholic Church, you’re supposed to go to Church and everybody’s like oh I go to Church and I’m all prim and proper, sweet – it’s not really like that. Most stuff that goes on at church is dirtier than what goes on in strip clubs.” 

It is unclear what churches Jones has been to. It is perfectly clear, however, that her conception of the Catholic Church resembles the media-promoted caricatures of the Catholic Church found in “The Da Vinci Code” or “The Borgias.”

More troubling than her comments, however, is the question of why CNN chose to highlight her unhinged rant. Shamefully, CNN clipped the video with the tagline “Exotic dancer Joslyn Jones makes a controversial analogy between strip clubs and the Catholic Church,” and promoted the clip on its main page with the tagline “Dancer: Church dirtier than strip club.”

It is unsurprising that an exotic dancer would take a shot at the Catholic Church to deflect from her own behavior. But it is disgusting that CNN went out of its way to promote “controversial” anti-Catholic vitriol.