CNN: Surrogate Mother Refusing 10K for Abortion Is ‘Nightmare’

CNN: Surrogate Mother Refusing 10K for Abortion Is ‘Nightmare’

According to CNN, surrogacy deserves a fairytale ending. But when a surrogate mother refused to abort her baby against prospective parents’ wishes, the story transitioned into a “nightmare.” 

A Connecticut couple offered their baby's surrogate mother, Crystal Kelley, $10,000 for an abortion when they discovered via an ultrasound that the baby suffered from disabilities such as a cleft lip and heart defects. Kelley refused their proposal despite legal pressure, and fled to Michigan where state law recognized her as the baby’s guardian.

CNN Newsroom host Ashleigh Banfield introduced the report as a horror story on March 5, saying, "In most cases where a surrogate helps a couple to have a baby, it's a pretty happy ending. But not so for a couple in Connecticut and their surrogate – their story is more like a nightmare." Continues after video

Again emphasizing the lack of a happily ever after scenario, expanded on the topic to say, “Most surrogacies have happy endings, and this one should have too… Instead, it ended with legal actions, a secretive flight to another state, and a frenzied rush to find parents for a fragile baby.”

The site went so far as to ponder if Kelley was “Savior or Satan?” because, “In one view, she's a saint who fought at great personal sacrifice for an unborn child…,” but, “In another view, she recklessly absconded with someone else's child and brought into the world a baby who faces serious medical challenges when that wasn't her decision to make.” 

CNN’s report is part of a long history of media outlets pushing an abortion agenda, from the networks ignoring the March for Life to websites calculating the best age for an abortion.