Columnist Blow Would Bet His Life on Obama Win

Charles Blow (pictured) is awfully confident in a Barack Obama victory: "If I'm wrong, I'll take my crow with a six pack of Liquid-Plumr."

Charles M. Blow, the paper's every-other-week "visual op-ed columnist" (he was formerly the graphics director for the Times) has already locked the election up for Barack Obama.

Blow's latest text + graphics column, "Nov. 5, 2008," began:

I've studied the polls and the electoral map for months, and I no longer believe that John McCain can win. Unless Barack Obama slips up, Jeremiah Wright shows up or a serious national security emergency flares up, Obama will become the 44th president of the United States.*

The asterisk led to this footnote, suggestingthat Blow (whose previous columns make clear his happiness over GOP struggles) wouldbe suicidal if Barack did the unthinkable and lost on November 4:

*If I'm wrong, I'll take my crow with a six pack of Liquid-Plumr.