Congresswoman Claims to Have Asked Gore About Global Warming on 19-Degree Inauguration Day

It’s a question the press didn’t dare ask, but a second-term Minnesota Republican congresswoman wasn’t afraid.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, told participants in a Jan. 26 Americans for Prosperity teleconference that at President Barack Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20 she had asked former Vice President Al Gore if it was cold enough for him and noted this wasn’t “exactly a global warming day.” The 19-degree temperatures were too cold for even a quartet to perform a piece arranged by composer John Williams, forcing them to prerecord the performance.

“On the Inauguration Day, Dr. Tom Price [GOP U.S. congressman from Georgia] can attest to this – we were freezing to death, sitting there during the inauguration, with our blankets huddled up there,” Bachmann said. “We were asking Al Gore when he came in through the door, ‘Hey Al, is it cold enough for you down there? This isn’t exactly a global warming day.’”

According to Bachmann, the earth is entering a stage of prolonged global cooling. She cited her brother, who dismisses the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

“My brother is also a certified meteorologist,” Bachmann said. “He agrees with you. He said there is nothing to this global warming phenomenon. As a matter of fact, we are now in a long-term global cooling stage.”

Bachmann also warned about pending cap-and-trade legislation and said it would not only have an economic impact.

“The cap-and-trade legislation is something that we all need to be very worried about, because what it would do in effect is give government the right to control almost every aspect of our lives. The economic impact is one thing. The freedom impact is almost worse because almost every activity that we engage in involves energy and government would now have the right to put a tax and control energy, which means they would have a right to control almost our every move.”

Bachmann also urged people to visit an Americans for Prosperity Web site, – a site lobbying against a massive stimulus package that is set for a vote on Jan. 28.