The "Conservative" Colin Powell?

Colin Powell joins Geraldo Rivera in the Times' peculiar hall of conservatives.

On Monday, Janie Lorber reported on Vice President Dick Cheney's appearance on CBS's "Face the Nation," in which he said he preferred Rush Limbaugh's brand of Republicanismover that of Colin Powell's - "Cheney's Model Republican: More Limbaugh, Less Powell." But when did the Obama-endorsing Powell become a conservative (joining such stalwarts as Geraldo Rivera)?

Former Vice PresidentDick Cheneysaid on Sunday that he preferredRush Limbaugh's brand of conservatism to former Secretary of StateColin L. Powell's, saying Mr. Powell had abandoned theRepublican Partywhen he endorsedBarack Obama for president last year.

Hopefully Lorber just made a sloppy conflation of "conservative" with "Republican," and doesn't really think the pro-affirmative action, pro-choice Powell isa conservative. Later Lorber does refer to Powell as a "moderate."