"Conservative" Rep. John Murtha?

An anti-war hero to liberals is "conservative" in the Times' eyes.

In the paper's full-page Monday overview of congressional races from across the nation, Kate Zernike contributes this misleading nugget:

"A few towns away, Mr. Murphy rallied other veterans alongside Representative John P. Murtha, the conservative Pennsylvania Democrat whose turnabout on Iraq a year ago has made him his party's face of opposition to the war."

Murtha is the anti-war Democratic congressman and hero to liberals who gained front-page heads and lead stories on the nightly newscasts for calling for an immediate pullout of Iraq -a point Zernike doesn't explain.

Although he isn't a left-winger, Murtha's lifetime rating of 33 from the American Conservative Union shows he's no conservative, either, no matter what Zernike says (she's had trouble with misleading statements of late, including botching John Kerry's "botched joke").