Disney Bleeps GOD from Ten Commandments Movie Ad

Tiki gods and animal gods are okay, but apparently the God of the Bible isn't safe for listeners of Radio Disney.

According to an email obtained by Liberty Counsel, a media buyer received instructions from Radio Disney to cut the words “chosen by God” from ad copy for the upcoming movie The Ten Commandments.  You can hear the original ad and the edited one at the Liberty Counsel Web site.

The movie, which will open in theaters October 19, tells the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments.  Frank Yablans, the CEO of Promenade Pictures, the company releasing the movie, told Liberty Counsel, “We were told to delete the reference that Moses was 'chosen by God.' Who does Disney think chose Moses – Tinkerbell?”

Radio Disney's own ad copy claims the station is the “ultimate music environment for kids and families,” but this decision by the company defies belief.

Perhaps media darling and atheist Christopher Hitchens is now advising the Disney advertising staff.

Kristen Fyfe is senior writer at the Culture and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.