'Early Show' Tells Us How to Live 'the Right Way in the 21st Century'

     In case there was any doubt left about how CBS’s Dave Price feels about “going green,” he told viewers June 13 that it’s the “right way” to live.

      “It is remarkable – you know, you can insulate your house, you can paint your house, you can do all the things you normally do, and you can do it green,” Price said on “The Early Show.” “And that’s what we’re learning from the people in this great city of Greensburg, Kansas. It’s the ease of living the right way in the 21st century.”

     Of course, not everyone would describe Greensburg’s new “green” building strategy as easy. Price said residents are rebuilding the entire town “green,” “designing buildings that rely solely on the sun and wind for energy.” Those forms of power aren’t available everywhere and usually cost more than average.

     Weatherman and features reporter Price was in Greensburg promoting a documentary to air on Discovery’s Planet Green channel. “The Early Show” has adopted the cause of Greensburg’s rebuilding after it was mostly destroyed by a tornado in May 2007.

     Price did one segment asking how people at home could be greener, and the two suggestions were to turn off the water while brushing your teeth and to insulate your home.

     Craig Piligian, who has produced the CBS series “Survivor,” is the executive producer of the 13-part series about the town’s rebuilding.

      “This is the biggest green movement going on on the planet right now,” Piligian said. “This here. Because if this community gets rebuilt green, it’ll be the first community in the country and the world like it. And we can’t fail.”

     The report wasn’t the first time “The Early Show” has reported on the benefits of “green living” without exploring the downsides. On June 6, the show downplayed the cost of new “green” inhalers. A Sept. 27, 2007, segment praised a Florida family for “going green” without noting how expensive their project was.


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