Even Good Episode for ‘GCB’ Has 20 Attacks on Christianity

Anti-faith show’s attacks on Christianity now tally 122

“GCB” managed to dial down its cheap dialogue in March 25’s episode, but only barely. A “good” day for the “Good Christian” show still fired up to 20 shots on Christians and along with attacks on Texans, and all of them were laden with malice and contempt.

The entire show lives up to its newest episode’s name, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” and per usual there is a lot of sex and Bible-bashing in the fold.

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” was all too happy to leap over moral standards, and include a sarcastic comment aimed at Texans, when they included a teen masturbation scene. His mother Carlene then lamented about how she caught her son “greasing his gun.”

The episode ended on an especially vicious note while the character Amanda and her mother called down the wrath of God on a fellow character’s wife. While they are spitefully reciting Scripture and observing how “there is a special place for women like that” the woman can be seen choking to death in the background.