Finally: "Civil War" Among Palestinians As Well As in Iraq

After a month of the euphemistic phrase "factional fighting," the Times finally suggests "civil war" may be taking place in the Gaza Strip.

With 25 killed in fighting in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the Times has finally admitted the possibility that there just might be a civil war going on between rival Palestinian groups Strip - this after a month of dancing around the issue with euphemisms like "factional fighting" to describe the battles between Fatah and the even-more radical Hamas. Until yesterday the Times line was still "factional," not "civil war,' shown by the front-page headline "9 Die in Fierce Palestinian Factional Fighting."

By contrast, Wednesday's lead story by Steven Erlanger and Isabel Kershner was headlined "Attacks Escalate As Palestinians Fight For Power - Fears Grow Of Civil War."

By the way, the Times has flatly declaring Iraq is in civil war - and was itching to do so all the way back in December 2004.