FNC’s ‘The Five’ Lambasts MSNBC for Blaming Christians for Terrorism, Oppression of Women

MSNBC talking heads lament culture of terrorism, oppression, homophobia, but they're not talking Islam.

American women and homosexuals can really relate to the kind of treatment their Middle Eastern counterparts receive at the hands of Islamist terrorists. Oh sure, not the kidnapping, beheading, stoning, genital mutilation or acid attacks. Nobody’s toppling stone walls on them or burying them alive, and there’s pretty much zero chance of ending up face down in a ditch riddled with AK-47 rounds.

But that doesn’t mean American women and gays aren’t living through ISIS-style oppression at the hands of (wait for it!) Christians. Why, women have to pay for their own birth control and, in some places, getting an abortion is almost as much hassle as renewing your driver’s license. And there are people in the U.S. who don’t want to bake gay wedding cakes!

Just ask MSNBC talking heads Michael Eric Dyson and James Peterson. They lamented the Christian oppression on the Oct. 6 “Ed Show.”

The hosts of Fox News’ ‘The Five’ didn’t let the comments slide by unnoticed, reacting with derision.

Dana Perino gave her take: “I think that it’s a real disservice to feminists and women’s movement that has done a lot for me, for lots of women in our generation ... it does the feminist movement no good to have these two equating the lifestyles of the United States to people around the world.”

Greg Gutfeld called the comparison made by Dyson, of the treatment of women under the ISIS regime to American women “pathetic,” while Kimberly Guilfoyle deemed it as “irresponsible.”

Guilfoyle continued, “They’re totally neglecting to talk about all the great work that Christians have done throughout the world, whether it is helping people that are misfortunate, helping the poor, helping women, and [it’s] a religion of tolerance.” 

The lone liberal on the panel Bob Beckel was equally angry about the comparison. He called the statements, “Illiberal” and a “disservice to the progressive movement.” 

“This is like speaking about the world as actually not flat. It’s sad, is all I can say,” Beckel stated. 

Dyson, a professor of sociology at Georgetown and also a self-proclaimed reverend, is no stranger to crazy comparisons or accusations. He’s actually compared President Obama to Jesus Christ, sports analyst and former NFL coach Tony Dungy to the KKK (for his comments on Michael Sam,) and Paul Ryan to Cliven Bundy. He’s accused those opposed to Obama’s policies as racists, who use their “white privilege” to “silence black men.” 

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.