George Soros Not a Liberal?

Yet more double standards in labeling in the Times.

The Times'weekly "Political Action" round-up Tuesday ends with a bit of John Broder labeling bias in "Money Focus," in which he briefly tracks how "527" political groups on both sides spent money during the campaign year 2006.

But Broder seems to see ideologues in only one direction.

"The biggest individual donor in 2006 was Bob J. Perry, a conservative Texas homebuilder, who kicked in almost $10 million to use against Democratic candidates for Congress.

''George Soros, the billionaire financier, spent $3.4 million to help elect Democrats in 2006; two years earlier, he gave $23.4 million in hope of defeating President Bush."

So why is Perry "conservative" but Soros, sugar daddy to left-wing groups like, not liberal?