Giuilani's "Selective Statistics" on Health Care

Marc Santora claimed "Mr. Giuliani cited horror stories and selective statistics" when talking about health care. No Democrat would ever do that, of course.

Marc Santora was with the Rudy Giuliani campaign in Rochester, N.H. Tuesday and filed "Giuliani Seeks to Transform U.S. Health Care Coverage."

"The decision by Mr. Giuliani to address health care so early in the campaign season is a recognition of the resonance the issue has among voters.

"Using explicitly partisan language, perhaps intended to stir memories of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's failed bid to reform health care as first lady more than a decade ago, Mr. Giuliani cited horror stories and selective statistics about health care in foreign countries that provide universal coverage. Mr. Giuliani said that a 'socialist' model would bankrupt the government."

As if Hillary Clinton never "cited horror stories and selective statistics" when she was trying to "reform" (not totally revamp?) the U.S. health care system to make it more like those in Europe.

And Times Watch detects a snotty tone in this broad generalization: "The ideas he outlined, steeped in a bedrock conservative faith in the ability of the free, unfettered market to solve problems, are similar to those advocated by President Bush."

Would the Times describe Democratic candidate John Edwards as being "steeped in a bedrock liberal faith in the ability of a large, activist federal government to solve problems...."?