Grad Student’s ‘Grand Old Party’ Butt Plugs Based on Polling Data

Gay site calls inventor 'genius entrepreneur.'

Liberals keep finding new ways to demonstrate their civility and class. NYU graduate student Matthew Epler fashioned polling data for the Republican candidates during the 2012 primary into sex toys called butt plugs – for a telecommunications class. He decided to market his creations, which met with the winking approval of left-wing outlets.

The plugs represent the polling data of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney, rotated around a 3D axis.

Epler has decided to market what he calls “Grand Old Party” butt plugs. Epler’s brainchild doesn’t sell cheap – the whole set costs $350, while individual pieces sell for $45-65.

The Huffington Post reported that Epler came up with idea when his telecommunications professor challenged students to find a way of “representing data in a way that doesn't bore the average Joe to death.” Epler claims that he stumbled across butt plugs when a pop-up appeared on a music site. Wired News quoted Epler: “I took one look at the plug in profile and thought, ‘Hey, that’s a line graph.’ Santorum came to mind, and from there, the rest took care of itself.”

The “Grand Old Party” project was hailed by left-wing media outlets. Queerty called Epler a “genius entrepreneur,” and The Frisky called Epler’s brainchild “awesome.” Comedy Central snarked “that sudden uptick in support Rick Santorum received back in February may prove to be more painful than originally expected.”

Epler’s promotional video treats his creations as a symbol of good fun: “Democrat or Republican, election year should feel good. Happy voting, America!”

If anyone created this project for Democratic primary candidates during the 2008 election, he would be flayed by the media as disgusting.

But civility is apparently something the left considers itself immune from.