Gun Control Groups Whine About Lady Gaga Gun Bra

Despite coming out against guns, lefty pop star still offends allies with latest costume.

Lady Gaga is no stranger to outrageous looks. Whether it’s wearing dresses made of bubbles, Kermit the Frog dolls, or raw meat, she always gets people talking. But her costume choice for a concert last Friday in Vancouver is raising complaints from the left, whose causes she typically supports.

In a performance during her “Born this Way Ball Tour” Gaga came out on stage wearing a bra top with attached plastic machine guns. Less than a month after the Sandy Hook school shooting, gun rights advocates and anti-gun advocates alike are disgusted by the singer’s bad taste.

On the Monday morning talk show “The Talk.” Sharon Osbourne, a staunch supporter of gun control, lectured the singer, “Don’t wear guns, don’t allow your fans to use the word ‘guns’ on your website, on your Twitter.”

Likewise, Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the liberal “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” called the outfit “gun porn,” lamenting that Gaga was stimulating her audience to “guns and violence,” according to The New York Post.

What is ironic is how Gaga chose to adorn guns, in light of her open support of the Demand A Plan gun control campaign. The campaign, supported by the left, took out a full page in The New York Times in which various celebrities gave their signature, Gaga included.

Gaga frequently uses her celebrity to speak out on political and social issues such as gay rights, religion, and bullying. In her songs as well, she espouses self-worship and sex without consequences. Now in her concerts, she pretends guns are just fashionable accessories.

Gaga is not alone though in this seemingly hypocritical display. The rest of the actors and actresses in the Demand A Plan campaign are also guilty of demanding an end to gun use and promoting them through their movies. From Jennifer Aniston, who wielded a shotgun in 2010’s “The Bounty Hunter,” to Jamie Foxx, who is now starring in the uber-violent “Django Unchained,” to comedians such as Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell, who have used gun violence for laughs in their television shows and movies, Hollywood certainly seems to be sending mixed messages about what they really believe about guns.

Still, it doesn’t really matter what Hollywood celebrities think. Detached from reality, Hollywood doesn’t understand that the majority of Americans are against more gun control legislation, according to a Gallup poll released Jan. 15.