HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Mocks Ted Cruz, ‘Republic**ts’

‘Wars on women’ aren’t when the women are GOP.

Editor’s note: this article contains objectionable language.

The Democrat party is the pro-woman party right? Well on Sunday night’s episode of True Blood [HBO], the left-leaning characters inadvertently reveal their hateful attitudes towards women, all the while mocking conservatives.

In the July 20 episode, vampires Eric and Pam are looking for the parents of their enemy, who happen to be conservative. To do this, they must go incognito at a Ted Cruz fundraiser held, (where else?) at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas.

Pam, dressed up in a sparkly evening gown and big hair while Eric wore a bolo tie and a large Stetson hat. Upon seeing her reflection, Pam muttered, horrified, “Oh my god, I’m a Republicunt.”

Later she disparaged the women at the event with the comment, “all these bitches look the same.”

As often as liberals love to declare Republicans as misogynistic and anti-woman, the liberal character Pam sure had lots of hate to direct at conservative women.

But the hate’s not out of place, since the creator of the show is openly anti-conservative and anti-Christian. Creator Alan Ball has made comments against Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party. In the fifth season of True Blood, Ball told the media that he modeled his villains after the “right wingers [who[ would like to see a theocracy in America.

Other shows have been one sided in their attacks as well. Just this past February, in an episode of NBC’s “The Blacklist,” fake photos of Sen. Cruz and Florida Republican Congressman Allen West were shown helping the villain in the show. ABC’s “Scandal” a show about Washington politics, also has a fanatical Christian Republican character as Vice President who frequently goes on hysterical tirades peppered with Biblical language.

Sen. Cruz’s office told the Culture and Media Institute they weren’t too bothered by the attack and they plan to respond on social media later today.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.